Sacred Paws Service Dogs is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. We  train service dogs and place them at no cost to military veterans and at minimal cost to special needs children/individuals that have been diagnosed with trauma related mental and physical disabilities.

Our clinical approach is primarily holistic cognitive-based mindfulness therapy, utilizing canine assisted desensitization and intervention techniques that are evidence based and medically proven to mitigate negative symptoms of post traumatic stress, major depression, and anxiety disorders. We also have the ability to train our dogs to assist those with mobility impairments in order to help them live a more productive lifestyle.

We adhere to and promote Assistance Dog International (ADA) training standards. It typically takes 2 1/2 to 3 years to properly train a service dog from birth to placement. Depending on what type of service, and tasks the individual dog is being trained for and the needs of the veteran or individual.

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Lynette Peterson


As a therapist I’m fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions and lead joy filled lives full of meaning. This commitment inspired me to consider the human/dog connection. Through Sacred Paws Service Dogs I witnessed the sacred bond generated between a dog and its human. After service dog training I witnessed the miracle of a human thriving, not just surviving PTSD, anxiety and other emotional complications. 


I believe that the dog and human relationship has the power to inspire courageous, life affirming action. But only if we honor our emotional and intuitive reactions for what they really are - quiet guiding intelligence.  Our hope is to help illuminate your current circumstances, explore possible choices & outcomes, and unfurl a roadmap to the future you want to create with your service dog. 


Ava Lyons

Associate President/Trainer

Hi! I’m Ava, the youngest member of the Sacred Paws Service Dogs organization as well as Associate President of the board. I live in Texas and I am also a service dog trainer. I have trained 6 dogs and have 4 wonderful years of experience.  I’m one of todays “teenprenuers” that has ventured far beyond the lemonade stand years.  I have written several business grants including the operating grant for Sacred Paws Service Dogs, Inc. I have trained 6 service dogs to date and hope to continue training multiple dogs each year as SPSD continues its trend of growth.  I could not be more proud of what this organization stands for and my place within it.  Please reach out if you have any questions!



Annie aka "Annie Bananie" was raised and trained in Fairbanks Alaska and attended her final stages of training in San Antonio Texas. She is a beautiful Yellow Labrador with a personality as lovely as her desire to shine like the sun.  Her laid back and soothing  disposition has had her compared to The Bob Marley of Service Dogs. “Its all good mon as long as it starts with love!”


Annie spent close to three years in her training and can execute over 100 commands. Annie went through an intense personality matching and bonding process then was finally placed with her forever partner.


Today, Annie continues her mission of love and service with her teammate and handler.