Sacred Paws Service Dogs is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. Our mission is to train service dogs and place them at no cost, to military veterans that have been diagnosed with trauma-related mental and physical disabilities as a result of their military service. Our mottos are, “Heal The Healer” and “Paws Not Pills.”


Our clinical approach is primarily holistic cognitive-based mindfulness therapy, utilizing canine assisted desensitization and intervention techniques that are evidence based and medically proven to mitigate negative symptoms of post traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, major depression, and anxiety disorders. We also have the ability to train our dogs to assist those veterans with mobility impairments in order to help them live a more productive lifestyle.



Jeff Bizzarro, US Army Veteran, Infantry LRSD , is the founder and Lead Trainer at SPSD.  He has been a volunteer service dog trainer since 2014 for veterans and has also worked with Alaska Paws for Purple Hearts, from May 2014- December 2017. Jeff  was matched with his forever Battle-Buddy and service dog Annie, a highly trained and adorable yellow Labrador retriever. Together they "Talk the Walk" and "Walk the Talk" in service to others and as companions. 



In addition to serving the SPSD mission, Jeff is also currently the Assistant Director at Veterans Base Camp in Chaplin, CT where both he and Annie now reside together along with other military veterans.



Annie aka "Annie Bananie" was raised and trained in Fairbanks Alaska and attended her final stages of training in San Antonio Texas. She is a beautiful Yellow Labrador with a personality as lovely as her desire to shine like the sun.  Her laid back and soothing  disposition has had her compared to The Bob Marley of Service Dogs. “Its all good mon as long as it starts with love!”


Annie spent close to three years in her training and can execute over 100 commands. Annie went through an intense personality matching and bonding process then was finally placed with her forever veteran, SPSD President and Founder,  Jeff Bizzarro.


Today, Annie continues her mission of love and service with her veteran handler. She also provides daily canine intervention therapy at Veterans Base Camp with her handler and other resident veterans.

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